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Why do keyword research? As a business owner, you know what your business does, and you think that you have a good idea of what people are searching for! Well, you might be surprised when you investigate the variations in search. What you think people are searching for is not necessarily accurate. You might also miss huge SEO opportunities for phrases that are easier to rank highly with that also have a lot of traffic.

Let a professional do the digging for you using the tools and know how that accumulate over nearly 20 years of SEO experience. To use an example in an extremely competitive area of SEO, it may not be advisable to target the phrase personal injury lawyer as it is too generic, very saturated, and tough to rank for. It’s better to hone down the area both in the practice area and geographically. Instead, try auto accident attorney (insert town name here). Not only is there less competition, but whatever prospect clicks on your site will be much more qualified to contact you due to the relevance and proximity.

The process starts with a few “Seed” keywords or key phrases and then we generate reports with hundreds of options. The list must then be pared down to the phrases that are most relevant, achievable and that also get sufficient traffic. That is the foundation of any SEO plan, and the content and pages are then developed to support the key phrases. To roll out a couple of clichés, do not go off halfcocked and do not take a shot in the dark! With proper planning and thorough keyword research, you lay the foundation for the content writing and on-page optimization for your campaign. When you know what you are targeting in your SEO campaign you give yourself a much greater chance of success.